Quick status update.

It seems like I’ve had absolutely no time lately.

I’ve been focusing on a number of new technologies at work: top on the list has been learning Ansible and creating playbooks to configure ‘stock’ atomic-host servers for kubernetes. I’ve got plenty to say about Ansible, so I plan on starting a series of posts on it in the very near future.

I have a few things to say about running Kubernetes “virtual metal”. It almost feels like no one else is doing this …

Last week we had a contractor from Datastax come in to go over the Datastax Enterprise stack. I’m still getting familiar with Datastax, Spark, SOLR, and Cassandra. There may be some posts about them a little further in the future.

Security is an ongoing theme while planning future microservices architecture running in Kubernetes. I plan on posting some background on what we do to ensure our microservices infrastructure is secure enough for the financial sector.

Continuous integration is also around the corner. We’ll be using Jenkins to test out and deploy the docker containers and tests that come from developers. It became apparent while I was working through the process that there are a number of ways to do this sub-optimally, so I plan on covering this topic.